Susan Hutchison In Memoriam

We are sad to announce the death of Susan Hutchison. Susan had an incredible impact on our clinic and positively changed the lives of so many. She was a mentor, friend, and resource to us all.

Susan had a love of learning and saw the world as one big classroom. She spent a lot of time reading books, searching the internet, listening to podcasts and talking to others. She had an innate curiosity, found many topics and subjects fascinating, and loved to explore and discover. Susan especially loved the latest technology and was eager to try it out with her kids.

Kindness and compassion were strengths that Susan possessed. She truly cared about kids and really respected them. She connected with them on their level and always thought about how she could reach and teach them best. Susan was interested in what they were doing and fostered a unique relationship with them. Susan often gave people a friendly wink and her wonderful sense of humor allowed her to easily connect with those around her.

Susan was also incredibly generous and was a very thoughtful gift-giver. She did not hesitate to loan her materials, including her books and toys, especially when they were just right for someone.

Susan’s playfulness showed in her love of games, puzzles and fidgets. Her table was full of ooze tubes, sand timers, magnetic balls, wooden puzzles, wind-up toys and metal cast puzzles. She also had a playful spirit and generally approached life with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

Collecting was another passion of hers. Susan loved dragons and the tops of her bookshelves were filled with them and had large red dragons on the sides of her car. She had a whistle collection displayed in the hallway, which was an attraction for many kids and adults. She surrounded herself with books, because she loved to read and it provided an inspiration and example to others. Susan was always knowledgeable about popular literature for young people and was skilled at matching kids with the perfect books.

She also spent her time watching sports, especially soccer. She loved the Portland Thorns and had season tickets. In 2015, she travelled to Vancouver and stayed for a month to see as many of the Women’s World Cup games as she could. It was such a highlight for her to watch the US Women’s team win the final game.

Susan loved animals and had dogs most of her life. Scout was her latest companion, a black Labradoodle and she loved going to work as much as Susan did. Susan was close to her children and her mom and was very proud of her family. She was thrilled when her granddaughter was born and she covered one of her walls with pictures of her.

Children’s Program will not be the same without Susan’s warmth, spirit, and expertise. She leaves an amazing legacy that we hope to honor and remember forever.

A memorial service for Susan will take place on Saturday June 3, at 10:30 a.m. Eliot Chapel, 1011 SW 12th Ave, Portland. Reception following at the same location.